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Lynsey as an ankle biter

Chapter 1 - She always wanted to be a writer

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Lynsey with local writer friends

Chapter 2 - True Friends - Helen Bianchin, Lindsay Armstrong, Ann Charlton, Lynsey and Margaret Way

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Lynsey with friends

Chapter 3 - Moving right along - Lynne Wilding, Valerie Parv and Lynsey

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Lynsey and the Kiwis

Chapter 4 - The Kiwis are coming - Ann Charlton, Robyn Donald, Lindsay Armstrong, Helen Bianchin and Lynsey

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Lynsey and more Kiwis

Chapter 5 - The Kiwis are still here - Back from left: Lynsey, Rosemary Badger, Helen Bianchin and Meredith Webber - Front from left: Daphne Clair, Lesley Marshall and Robyn Donald

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Lynsey and the Darcys

Chapter 6 - South again - Lynsey with Emma Darcy and her husband, Frank

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Jean Goldrick visits

Chapter 7 - The Americans are coming - Ann Charlton, Helen Bianchin, Lynsey, Jean Goldrick, Lindsay Armstrong and Emma Darcy at Lynsey's when Jean visited Australia

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Lynsey booksigning

Chapter 8 - On the job - Lynsey and Catherine Spencer booksigning at the Romance Writers of America Literary Reception in Honolulu

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Lynsey in New Zealand

Chapter 9 - Invading New Zealand - Lynsey with Barbara and Peter Clendon at Barbara's Books

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Lynsey and editor

Chapter 10 - The English are coming - Lynsey with editor Samantha Bell

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Last updated: 1st April 2002