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Lynsey Stevens always wanted to be a writer. Writers, she was convinced in her adolescent daydreams, got to travel the world, were famous, made a fortune and didn't have to go work. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough information at that time. Since then, she has discovered how much work is involved in writing a book, leaving little time for travel, and she has made the acquaintance of the taxman. As to the fame - Lynsey who?

When Lynsey left school, writing wasn't considered a career option. So she became a Librarian, still maintaining her contact with the books she loved. She became a Library Assistant with the Brisbane City Council and five years later was promoted to Librarian in Charge of Inala Library.

It was actually one of Lynsey's library members who mentioned knowing someone who wrote romances. As Lynsey loved reading romances, she decided to try her hand at writing one. Two years later, her first book, Ryan's Return, was published by Mills & Boon.

The greatest thing about being a writer, as far as Lynsey is concerned, has been the opportunity to meet other writers who have given her so much reading pleasure over the years. Probably the highlight for Lynsey, was meeting Mary Burchel in London in 1984. Lynsey especially loved her "music" stories about the Warrenders. The friendships of her contemporary writers also means a lot to Lynsey.

Besides reading, Lynsey enjoys photography, cross stitching, genealogy and travelling (when she has time).

Lynsey's books include:

All I Ever Wanted - Pub 1981 Robert Hale Ltd. (writing as Lynde Howard)
Ryan's Return - Pub 1981 Mills & Boon
Terebori's Gold - Pub 1981 Mills & Boon
Race for Revenge - Pub 1981 Mills & Boon
Play our Song Again - Pub 1982 Mills & Boon
Tropical Knight - Pub 1982 Mills & Boon
Starting Over - Pub 1982 Mills & Boon
Man of Vengeance - Pub 1982 Mills & Boon
Closest Place to Heaven - Pub 1983 Mills & Boon
Forbidden Wine - Pub 1983 Mills & Boon
The Ashby Affair - Pub 1983 Mills & Boon

Lingering Embers - Pub 1984 Mills & Boon
Leave Yesterday Behind - Pub 1986 Mills & Boon
But Never Love - Pub 1988 Mills & Boon
A Rising Passion - Pub 1990 Mills & Boon
Touched by Desire - Pub 1993 Mills & Boon
A Physical Affair - Pub 1994 Mills & Boon
Mistletoe Kisses - Pub 1994 Mills & Boon in Christmas Journeys
His Cousins Wife - Pub 1996 Mills & Boon
Close Relations - Pub 1997 Mills & Boon
Male for Christmas - Pub 1998 Mills & Boon

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